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i catch the drift, was well done, and well made and has good meaning but it seems kind of lame to me... i guess its a good way to open the door of all this to those who dont already know, but when it comes down to it, we all get our ideas from somewere and there is really no such thing as an original idea, just an improved idea. does show the point that a good idea can be over done and taken advantage of and people forgetting were the original idea came from. didnt really speak to me because i guess i already knew it...

pardon my crappy spelling. good work.

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ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

yor speling iz nott crapy lawl

linkin prk kem 2 my house linkin prk kem 2 my house

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funnyish... it would be funny if it was made that way on purpose... but it seems as tho this guy actually talks that way and thats the best of his animation skills. quite possible that whole acount is just a joke acount.. but ehh...

we shouldnt really suport crappy animations by putting them on the front page... only makes him and other people think crappy animations are good.

Foamy: Hurricane Special Foamy: Hurricane Special

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to the asshole Grampa_Gen

how about u listen to it before you make an ass of your self... i personaly agree completely with foamy on this... he's complaing about how they could be helping yet they do nothing. i my self am going to donate as much as i can aford to those people. if i lived in louisiana i would be out helping.

stop sitting there and say how bad it is and how sorry you feel about it.. DO SOMETHING. donate money, take a road trip, stop sitting around and pittying or not do anything. these people need out help, they are your fellow americans... if you dont live in the states then by all means go on with your daily lifes... but we americans will donate millions of dollars to other countries but not help our own, it sickens me.

what pisses me off the most is wile i'm watching these news coverage i see these adds and the news reporters continueing to speak propaganda about terrorists and so on and so forth...

we should band together and help like we did on 9/11, less peopl have died, so no one cares... tho more lifes have been ruined.. thousands apon thousands of people have lost their homes and the whole city of New Orleans has been lost.

do something. set an example. we are americans and we should stand by each other.

sorry for the rant.

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Toss the Turtle Toss the Turtle

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9,457,365.1 FT

9457365.1 FT

+$945737 for Distance
+$1918634 from Cash Bags
+$50 Bloody End
+$100 Bomber an (Hit 5 Bombs)
+$500 Jumpy (Bounce 30+ times)
+$100 First Degree Burn (Burn 2 Times)

Earned $2865121


King of Cursors: X-MAS King of Cursors: X-MAS

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You can still cheat

and fairly easyly... tho u cant get a perfect score i did manage a 9996. its a glitch in ur anti cheating system. well 2 glitches that add together to allow you to cheat. try hitting space bar on the 1st level, then figure out were the end space on the 12th level is, start over, and on the first level put ur mouse were the red dot for the 12th level is then hit space agian... now when ur in the 13th level, go to the white dot, right click, then move your mouse to the red dot, but go further than the dot, W-----R---M, make a line that passes over the red dot then click....


the space key was for me testing the game. i removed it now

HoverBot HoverBot

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I liked the loader game a bit more...

540,028ft is my current best wile playing it off of newgrounds, i DLed it and got 10,032,133ft on my comp. and i'm still waiting for him to come down. even have a screen shot if needed.